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The People's Filter

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philly-based Shared Community HEPA air purifier Borrowing program

A clean air mutual aid project launched in 2023 by Queerobics Collective, People's Filter PHL is part of the larger clean air initiative around the world making clean, safer air free and accessible for everyone. 

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Why We Love
HEPA Air Filtration

The People's HEPA air purifier (MA-112 from Medify Air) has NUMEROUS benefits: it not only filters the COVID virus in a room the size of an average house in about 30 minutes, it also helps removes indoor dust, pet dander, mold, and wildfire smoke (!)

  • The People's filter is a H13 True HEPA purifier (acronym for "high efficiency particulate air"), made by Medify Air. H13 and H14 are considered medical grade -- really good at capturing more airborne particles!

  • If you're a fellow filter enthusiast (we see you!), our purifier filters at least 99.97% of particles as small at 0.1 microns, making it REALLY good at reducing the COVID virus in the air. 

  • It cleans a room up to 2,500 sq ft in just 30 mins (if operated at fan setting 3, and assumes a closed room with an 8ft ceiling). This is about the size of an average house! 

  • Filtration is especially important in spaces that are hard to ventilate (no windows to open, etc.), but used in conjunction with ventilation is extra great!

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